Frequent Questions

Who do you cater for? We cater for any groups that want a fun inclusive activity night at their choosen venue.
Where are we? We operate on a mobile basis and bring the fun to you. We do not have a fixed premises.
What clothing is required? No special clothing or sports gear is needed, something comfortable to allow free movement. All equipment is provided by Kingdom of Sports
Is there physical contact with other competitors? No all our games and challenges are skill based with no physical contact and little physical exertion required.
Is there age limits for this activity? All games and challeneges are easy to complete but hard to master. So there is no age based limitation.
How much does it cost? All our events are bespoke to the clients requirements to make sure we provided the best event possible for you. Please contact us for more details or enquiries
How many people can you cater for? As our events are bespoke we can cater for very large numbers through different set ups. We can discuss a range of options to suit your needs
How do I contact you for info, bookings etc? Simply call (086)8677032 / (086)3579575 or visit our contact page for other options